Kalyani Centre for Technology and Innovation addresses the group’s requirements of augmenting employee knowledge and skills through three areas namely Advanced Technical training, Advanced Academic Courses and Research and Development. The R&D centre of KCTI is recognized by DSIR, Government of India. R&D Activities at KCTI comprises of: Modeling for prediction of micro structure, cost reduction, controlling residual stresses, development of new heat treatment processes like plasma nitriding, development of quench media, FATT improvement, fatigue life improvement, structure property correlation vis-a-vis creep behavior/stress rupture behavior, machining characteristics of rare-earth & other micro alloyed Ti6AI 4V materials, development of eco friendly lubricant solution for performance improvement of various machining processes, work on improvement of 34CrNiMo6 Alloy Steel, HSLA steel etc, CBN grinding process of steel forgings, development of aerospace components and their processing, work on titanium alloys etc.

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